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Waterfront London: Rediscovering The Rivers And Canals Of The Capital

Thursday 10 January 2008 – Saturday 23 February 2008

The Blue Ribbon Network is a major feature of the London Plan; it includes the Thames, the canal network, the other tributaries, rivers and streams within London and London’s open water spaces such as docks, reservoirs and lakes, as well as culverted parts of rivers, canals or streams.

Competitions Work: Winning Ideas From European And Other Design Competitions

Thursday 17 January 2008 – Saturday 1 March 2008

A CABE exhibition opening at New London Architecture in London on 17 January 2008 will show what design competitions can achieve – and that they are one of the best ways to procure well-designed buildings and places. Competitions Work will feature the winning projects and runners-up for the three UK sites for Europan 9, Europe’s leading housing and urban design competition for young professionals.

AJ Small Projects 2008

Thursday 6 March 2008 – Saturday 29 March 2008

The Small Projects 2008, organised by The Architects' Journal and supported by Ramboll Whitbybird is a celebration of the ingenuity that architects can exercise on a small canvas. The projects, all costing less than £250,000, range from a vegetation-covered garden room to a new space for an undertaker.

Underground: London's Hidden Infrastructure

Thursday 28 February 2008 – Saturday 19 April 2008

As London's skyline becomes ever more clustered with new developments and tall buildings adding to the historic landscape, it is easy to forget the complex underground infrastructure necessary to service this increasingly crowded over ground.

Terry Farrell: Manifesto For London

Monday 3 March 2008 – Saturday 19 April 2008

This exhibition shows the work published in the September 2007 edition of the Architectural Review.

Des Res London's Housing Challenge

Thursday 24 April 2008 – Saturday 14 June 2008

The capital’s population is growing faster than any other major European City, with an estimated increase of 700,000 people over the next 15 years.

Transforming Tottenham Court Road

Tuesday 22 July 2008 – Saturday 9 August 2008

A Transport for London exhibition on the transport improvements taking place at Tottenham Court Road and the surrounding area. These improvements include building a new Tube station, a new Crossrail station as well as better facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers and other road users.

Spans: Viaducts, Bridges & Walkways

Thursday 24 July 2008 – Saturday 20 September 2008

As London both expands along the Thames Gateway and prepares for the 2012 Olympic Games it will require new bridges to make new connections. SPANS explores a select number of contemporary bridges to explore different approaches to design, celebrating the joy of crossing, connecting places and engineering.

King's Cross Charrette

Thursday 4 September 2008 – Thursday 16 October 2008

King’s Cross Central is one of the most significant developments in London, covering nearly 700,000 sq m and including nearly 2,000 new homes and 20 new streets. Developer Argent is committed to creating an outstanding project which will establish a real sense of place.

Young Architect of the Year award

Thursday 9 October 2008 – Thursday 6 November 2008

The Young Architect of the Year Awards is organised by Building Design to recognise and reward the UK's most promising new architects or practices. The entries will first be long-listed by the judges and then these entries will be displayed at the NLA.

London's Towns shaping the Polycentric City

Thursday 25 September 2008 – Saturday 15 November 2008

The massive spread of London that took place in the 1930s absorbed towns like Kingston, Croydon, Harrow and Romford into the metropolis.

Westminster Academy at the Naim Dangoor Centre

Saturday 13 December 2008 – Wednesday 10 December 2008

The award winning Westminster Academy at The Naim Dangoor Centre is a new secondary school in West London by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, housing 1,175 pupils and 128 staff members. The school has a powerful vision for learning and embraces new thinking in education and the ideals of the RSA Curriculum of the 21st century.

Digital Cities: London's Future

Thursday 20 November 2008 – Saturday 17 January 2009

Digital Cities looks at how digital technology helps us understand and improve the planning and experience of our city. It looks at the impact on movement in cities: how communication and information technologies enhance a person´s experience of place; how people interpret cities with the use of technology; and how mapping influences the design and planning of cities. It also discusses some of the 'big brother' issues such as privacy and security.