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The Changing Face of London - How major new projects are shaping future London

Thursday 7 July 2005 – Saturday 10 September 2005

The next two decades will be a period of major change for London. Projections of growth in population and economic activity are driving increased provision of new homes and offices; public spending on schools, health care and public transport is at unprecedented levels.

Civilizing Spaces - Improving London’s Public Realm

Monday 12 September 2005 – Saturday 8 October 2005

London’s public realm comprises everything outside our front door: from pavements, bollards and street benches to great Georgian squares, Victorian streets and parks, modern roads and transport interchanges.

Capital Health - London's New Healthcare Estate

Monday 10 October 2005 – Saturday 12 November 2005

The A to Z of modern city homes will explain how the latest house types can answer the need for new homes in the capital. Starting with ‘A for Affordability’ through ‘M for Modular’ to ‘Z for Zero defects’ the exhibition will highlight the issues which are setting the London housing agenda. Exhibition produced by the Building Centre Trust.

London Lights - The Art Of Architectual Lighting

Wednesday 30 November 2005 – Saturday 21 January 2006

Prompted by the fact that NLA's next door neighbours - Imagination - have, each Christmas, created a landmark festive decorations, this exhibition looks at the lighting of buildings and spaces in London both permanent and temporary. It will show how environments can be enhanced by lighting, our appreciation of architecture improved and our understanding of the city increased.

Designed For Manufacture

Sunday 15 May 2005 – Sunday 21 May 2006

The government’s Designed for Manufacture Competition has sought to bring a new lease of life to the residential construction industry by challenging housebuilders to design a quality home for a target construction cost of £60,000. The results of this competition form part of a week-long exhibition inviting members of the public and construction experts to comment on the designs of the future. Exhibition produced by the Building Centre Trust.